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Welcome to WinWithDom INC., the premier Dyno Tuning facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to optimizing your vehicle's performance and unlocking its true potential. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge, we strive to deliver top-quality tuning services tailored to meet your specific needs.

At WinWithDom INC., we understand the importance of compliance with environmental regulations, including those set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are committed to operating within the guidelines and maintaining 100% EPA compliance. Please read the following disclaimers regarding our commitment to environmental responsibility and the limitations of our services:

EPA Compliance:

  • WinWithDom INC. adheres to all applicable EPA regulations and strives to ensure that our Dyno Tuning services comply with emission standards. Our Motorsports tuning services are intended for off-road, drifting, and race applications ONLY. Please note that modifications made to your vehicle may render it non-compliant with on-road emission requirements. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to comply with local and state laws regarding emissions and registration requirements. Please note, motorsport vehicles for tuning must be trailered to and from the facility. Motorsports Vehicles must not possess registration and are for track use and off-road only.

Emission Controls and Warranties:

  • Modifying your vehicle's emission control system may void the manufacturer's warranty. WinWithDom INC. assumes no responsibility for any warranty claims or disputes resulting from modifications made to your vehicle's emission control system.
  • Customers are advised to consult their vehicle manufacturer's warranty documentation and seek guidance from authorized dealerships or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) regarding the impact of modifications on warranties.

Vehicle Safety and Compliance:

  • WinWithDom INC. focuses on performance enhancements and tuning services. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to ensure that their modified vehicles comply with all applicable safety regulations, including but not limited to braking, suspension, lighting, and other safety-related components.
  • We recommend consulting with certified automotive technicians or professionals to address any safety concerns or potential modifications required to maintain compliance.

Personal Responsibility:

  • Customers acknowledge that modifications to their vehicles carry inherent risks, including but not limited to vehicle performance changes, potential warranty implications, and potential non-compliance with emissions or safety regulations.
  • WinWithDom INC. shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or legal repercussions resulting from the use of our Dyno Tuning services or any modifications made to vehicles.

At WinWithDom INC., we are dedicated to providing exceptional Dyno Tuning services while prioritizing environmental compliance and customer satisfaction. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding EPA regulations, vehicle modifications, or related concerns. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your vehicle's performance!


  • Work Area Limitations & Right Of Refusal: Due to all sorts of legal, liability, and insurance reasons, we cannot perform work inside a customer's garage or under their carport if it's attached to another structure. Large-scale parking garages are fine for some tasks, but we must defer to any limitations or restrictions the parking garage operator places on what work we can perform. We reserve the right to restrict, limit, or refuse to perform work in areas we feel may excessively limit mobility, create unacceptable risks, or cause safety concerns.
  • Roadside Service: Roadside service may be impractical or impossible if the road's shoulder is not wide enough to fully support our vehicle. Additionally, busy roads may pose a safety hazard. Again, we reserve the right to restrict, limit, or refuse to perform work in areas we feel may excessively limit mobility, create unacceptable risks, or cause safety concerns.
  • Extreme Environmental Conditions: Due to the fact that we perform our work in a high ceiling shop and are often exposed to the elements, we may request rescheduling on days with difficult or extreme conditions, such as heat indices over 100°F. We won't charge additional service fees.


  • Labor Rate: Our posted labor rate is $150.00 per hour for invoices purchasing parts with us and $175.00 per hour for invoices providing their own parts, whether flat-rate or actual-time. We use industry-standard labor guides as guidelines for estimating flat-rate labor. Itemized estimates are always provided in advance of the performance of any work.
  • Emergency Services: We charge a $100 emergency service call fee in addition to any other fees if called to a vehicle outside our normal scheduling hours, which are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. This fee also applies for calls on major holidays.
  • Minimum Diagnostics Charges: We charge a minimum of $125.00 for diagnostics and check-outs, and the creation of any required estimates is included. This applies even if you're meeting us somewhere we've already traveled to, e.g., a parking-lot request for an estimate. This is our policy because people have abused our free estimate services in the past.
  • Waste Disposal: We charge a flat $3 waste-disposal charge per invoice to cover waste cleanup and disposal costs if we must drain any fluids from your vehicle.
  • Shop Supplies: We have a flat rate Shop Supply Fee for labor amounts over 5 hours. That flat rate fee is $50.
  • State-Mandated Fees & Charges: Nevada requires fees and charges for certain parts, e.g., waste disposal surcharges for new tires and new batteries. We cannot waive these.


  • What To Do If There's A Problem: If you experience an issue directly related to work that was recently performed, contact us immediately to arrange for diagnostics to check for and verify a warrantable failure. Warrantable failures can, in most cases, be addressed at no additional cost to you (generally accepting consumables such as fluids, etc. that are often not covered under warranties).
  • Parts & Workmanship: We warranty our workmanship for 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. We do not warranty parts - parts manufacturers warranty their products through our suppliers.
  • Warranty Limitations: All warranties are immediately rendered null and void if the vehicle is used for racing, abused in a manner inconsistent with its design and intended purpose, or modified or tampered with by anyone, including the vehicle's owner.
  • Customer-Supplied Parts: While we would be happy to install most customer-supplied parts, there is no warranty whatsoever for these, and we cannot and will not guarantee any parts you provide will actually repair your vehicle. Also, be sure to get the right part - if we have to install and remove an incorrect part, we have to charge additional labor as appropriate. Please note that due to all sorts of warranty-related issues with large parts, we do not install customer-supplied engines or transmissions.
  • Parts Warranty Duration: Where possible, we only use parts with part-replacement warranties of one year or longer. Unless otherwise specified, parts replacement costs are covered by manufacturers' warranties for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Labor coverage varies by manufacturer and part - please be aware that most manufacturers only cover both labor and part for a narrow timeframe, usually 30-90 days.
  • Part-Only/No-Labor Parts Warranty Coverage: Some manufacturers do not cover labor as part of their warranties - if this is the case, we must charge for labor again even in the event of a warrantable failure. If this applies, a note will appear with the part's entry in our estimates, work orders, and invoices.
  • Mail-Order/Dealer-Sourced Parts Warranties: Mail-order and dealer-purchased parts are always warrantied for part replacement only, with no labor coverage - if there is a warrantable failure we must still charge labor again for the part's replacement. Again, if this applies, a note will appear with the part's entry in our estimates, work orders, and invoices.
  • Working On Your Vehicle While We Do: If you perform any repair or maintenance work on a vehicle we are working on (which is defined as "from the moment we start to the moment we finish, regardless of any intermediate delays, pauses, or wait time"), all warranties are null and void, regardless of what you did and whether it impacts our work in any way. This is not negotiable and no exceptions will be made under any circumstances. We cannot and will not provide any warranty support for vehicles that are being worked on by someone else while we're doing likewise.


  • Estimate Life Spans: Due to the fact that parts prices change over time, estimates are valid for thirty (30) days. If you would like to have us perform work on an old estimate we're happy to oblige, but expect the total to change.
  • Aftermarket Surprises: Estimates are based on stock vehicle configurations; aftermarket modifications and additions (e.g., alarm/remote-start systems, custom automount, engine modifications) may incur additional labor charges as appropriate. If such surprises are discovered, we will contact you with an updated estimate before continuing. We reserve the right to cancel/abort any repair job that involves additional labor for aftermarket modifications if you refuse to pay for that additional labor, and under Nevada Law you may still be liable for teardown time. Make it easier on everybody - tell us in advance what modifications your vehicle has!


  • Best Efforts At Expediency: We always strive to complete jobs as quickly as practical, which is determined by many factors, such as the amount of time the job takes according to labor guides, the amount of rust or corrosion that is present, unexpected parts issues (e.g., receiving the wrong part and having to reorder the correct one), and the presence of any aftermarket or unexpected add-ons that have to be dealt with during the process.
  • Delays Beyond Our Control: We cannot, and will not, assume any responsibility for delays that are beyond our control, such as (but not limited to) shipping delays or receiving incorrect parts.
  • Realistic Expectations: Things can and do "go wrong," and as a result, we must require a degree of flexibility and realistic expectations on the part of customers with regard to completion timeframes. Expecting a job to not take any longer than initially thought when a bolt breaks, for example, is not realistic on the part of the customer.
  • No Exclusivity: We cannot, and will not, give any one work order any form of exclusivity, nor will we ignore other customers/jobs/calls while attending to any one vehicle. Other work orders may be scheduled, and the work performed, while a larger job is in progress, and this will push completion back accordingly on the larger job.
  • Timeframe Guarantees For Large Jobs: Due to the fluid nature of auto repair performed in the field, we cannot, and will not, guarantee any work order with more than six (6) hours of total labor will be completed within any specific time frame. Long jobs can, and likely will, be interrupted by shorter jobs as they become available, so please plan accordingly. We may recommend breaking up large jobs to avoid excessive time demands, especially on a customer's primary vehicle.


  • Accurate Diagnostics: We do not guarantee the accuracy of anyone else's diagnostics but our own. Due to the complexity of a vehicle, we cannot guarantee that one diagnosis will cure every problem a vehicle has in a single repair operation.
  • Multiple Problems/Issues: It is not only possible but common, for a vehicle to have more than one issue with similar or overlapping symptoms. Finding and fixing one issue may reveal another. Repairing one issue does not magically repair all issues. As such, as was noted, we cannot guarantee that one diagnosis will cure every problem a vehicle has in a single repair operation.
  • Diagnostic Timeframes: Some problems may be time-consuming to diagnose. In such cases, we may request pre-approval for diagnostic time.


  • Parts Quality: We only use OEM/OE-quality parts from manufacturers with strong records of quality when available. If you're looking to save money on auto repairs, going with the cheapest parts available is often a false economy. When parts are available in "DIY" and "commercial" quality grades (and with pricing that reflects the quality difference), we always go with "commercial."
  • Specialty Fluids: When a vehicle calls for specialty fluids, we will ONLY use fluids that are guaranteed compatible with or an exact match to the requirements. If your vehicle requires $20-a-quart transmission fluid, for example, that's what we will recommend.
  • Old Parts: As per Nevada, you have the right to request your old parts be made available to you for your inspection, provided that such a request is made when work is approved. If a core charge applies to any given part, you must pay it if you wish to keep the part.
  • Plastic Parts: We assume no responsibility for plastic part breakage, as many plastic parts used in vehicles are brittle and can break without warning no matter how carefully they are handled. This is especially true of plastic parts that are exposed to sunlight, e.g., dash pads.
  • Contacting Our Suppliers: We do not release supplier contact information to customers, as this always causes problems - invariably the customer will reach someone that gives them inaccurate or incorrect information, such as saying a part is in stock when it's not, and this basically causes issues that didn't need to be caused. We reserve the right to terminate all business relations with any customer that does an end run around us and contacts our suppliers directly.
  • Customer-Supplied Parts & Safety: We reserve the right to refuse to install any part that we feel would compromise the safety and safe operation of a vehicle.
  • Broken Bolts: Our policy on broken bolts is that we are not responsible for bolt breakage under any circumstances, even if the bolt in question broke by our hand. The reasons for this are multiple: we have no way of knowing if a previous repair effort damaged the bolt or the threads into which it screws, we have no way of knowing if a bolt was damaged due to environmental factors, as some bolts are prone to breakage due to the environment within which they exist (e.g., bolts affixing exhaust system components), and sometimes a bolt will just fail no matter how carefully and gently you work with it. If a bolt breaks, we must charge additional labor, and parts if needed, to extract the remaining bolt fragment and repair the hole.
  • EFI Calibration: Any and all vehicles that are subject or that have arrived for an EFI Calibration for their vehicle understanding are aware of the risks involved with modifying their vehicle. Upon the agreement of this disclaimer, the customer understands that we are doing our best job to do what is best for the vehicle in a professional manner. In no way or form will push the vehicle beyond its safety limits and the limits of the engine itself. Pre Tuning inspections fees may be applied to ensure we are able to properly perform a calibration. In the event of a vehicle having an arising issue during calibration, we reserve the right to not be liable for any issues that may arise that are out of our control. (Example; Wheel coming off of vehicle, hood opening, coolant leaking, engine oil leaking,) the example items are all items that should be checked in full prior to the attempt of calibration.


  • Payment Arrangements: Payment in full is required upon completion of services. We do not accept efforts to make payment arrangements after-the-fact. Also, post-dated checks are not legal in Nevada.
  • Parts Prepayment: We require all parts to be prepaid on invoices.
  • Special-Order/High-Cost Part Prepayment: We require special-order or large-ticket parts be prepaid BEFORE we will order them. If it has to be shipped in via third party or transferred to a local dealership from elsewhere, it's "special-order." Parts with pre-tax sale prices of $100 or more are "high-cost." Ordering parts may be subject to delay until prepayment clears our bank if prepayments are made via credit card.
  • Returned Parts: Returned parts may be subject to restocking fees - if the supplier charges us, we must charge you.
  • Refunds: We require that any refunds be made to the same payment method as the original payment. Debit cards are still cards regardless of where the funding comes from - we do not give cash/check refunds for charges paid with a debit card, as we generally don't carry much cash on hand for security reasons. Service call fees, fuel surcharges, and emergency/after-hours call fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Returns:

    • All returns are subject to a 30% re-stocking fee. The restocking fee covers the cost of our order processing and restocking process. If you wish to retain store credit, the restocking fee may be waived. Please inquire for details.
    • Items you wish to return MUST be approved prior to your return. Contact us for a RAN# (Return Authorization Number) and specify your reason for return. All return inquiries must be sent to us within 14 days of receiving your order.
    • Approved Returns MUST be sent back to us within 30 days of receiving your RAN#.
    • Returned items must be in brand new condition in original packaging.
    • Shipping, handling, and transaction fees are non-refundable.
    • No returns, cancellations, or refunds are allowed on special order items.
    • Once items have been returned to us, and the condition has been inspected and approved, a refund will be issued. Approved refunds are issued within 2-3 days.
  • Sales Taxes: Offering to pay cash, not wanting a receipt, etc. does not mean we won't charge sales tax. It's required by law, so we have to charge it and you have to pay it. We always collect sales tax whenever and wherever it is legally required that we do so.
  • Returned Checks: While we accept cash, credit cards, and checks as payment, we reserve the right to charge the maximum allowed under Nevada Law for returned checks.


  • Threats To Our Associates: We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threats against our associates. Any threat of any type or nature directed at DomTuned - DC Tuning and Engine Services associate will not be tolerated - we will immediately terminate whatever work is in progress, and will no longer perform any services for any customer that threatens one of our associates. This also extends to any friends, family, and/or roommates of customers. We will not complete any job that we abandon in-progress due to threats, and reserve the right to demand payment for the portion of the job that was completed.
  • Threats DomTuned - DC Tuning and Engine Services: We also have a zero-tolerance policy regarding threats against the company as a whole. Again, any threat of any type or nature, whether physical or otherwise, such as threatening to take unwarranted legal action or threatening to file unwarranted complaints with the State of Nevada and/or the BBB, will not be tolerated. Our response to threats against the company is the same as for threats made against our associates - all work immediately ceases and we will no longer perform services of any kind for that customer. (We define "unwarranted" in this context as "the customer is upset with us but not for anything we did or didn't do, and/or is upset with us regarding any issue that is being handled under a supplier's warranty, and/or is upset with us for any reason that is beyond our control.")
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse: We reserve the right to refuse to perform services for customers that are obviously drunk, on drugs, etc. when we arrive to perform such services. Work that is rescheduled for this reason will incur an additional service call fee, both of which will for a certainty be due immediately upon our arrival the second time.


  • Know Your Rights: Nevada's "Motor Vehicle Repair Act" mandates, via State Law, that you must receive a written, itemized repair estimate on request. Once we give you an estimate, any deviation above that price of 20% or $100, whichever is less, requires your approval. (We usually contact each other no matter the cost.) State Law also grants additional legal protections for auto repair customers, as well as providing protections for auto repair facilities to protect themselves against unscrupulous customers.
  • Permission To Operate Vehicle: By allowing us to perform repair work on your vehicle, you are also granting us permission to use the vehicle on public roadways for diagnostic, testing, and verification purposes.
  • Releasing Vehicles: We cannot release a vehicle to any other person or party but its owner unless specifically told to do so. If you want us to give the keys to a friend or relative, you must tell us this in advance.
  • Things We Cannot Control: We are not responsible for things beyond our control, which includes, but is by no means limited to, the following:
    • Acts of God, acts of nature, etc. (e.g., temporary closure brought on by a hurricane).
    • Incorrect/inaccurate information from a parts supplier (e.g., misquotes on pricing).
    • Mistakes on the part of a supplier (e.g., receiving the wrong part).
    • Shipping delays, especially during transit (e.g., storms).
    • Incorrect/inaccurate diagnostic and repair information provided to us from reference sources (e.g., wrong labor times in labor guides).
  • Right Of Refusal: In accordance with Federal and State Law, we reserve the right to refuse to perform any repairs we would consider inappropriate or unsuited to the problem at hand or that would in our opinion render the completed vehicle unsafe to drive.
  • Mechanic's Liens: Nevada law provides mechanisms for auto repair facilities to protect themselves against non-payment by customers. The principal mechanism is the "mechanic's lien," which, thanks to state reciprocity laws, will block the sale, transfer, and registration of a vehicle throughout most of the United States. All repairs are assumed to be protected by an implied mechanic's lien as well as all other mechanisms provided for under Federal and State Law.
  • Before You Call Your Attorney: If there's a problem, contact us immediately. Most situations can be worked out to mutual satisfaction without any difficulty and with minimal to no expense. Please note that as standing policy we automatically terminate all business relations with customers that threaten legal action when it's unnecessary and unwarranted, and we automatically countersue on all small claims cases, so please consider the filing of a civil suit to be a last-resort option, not a first-strike weapon. By signing below you are agreeing to all terms in our repair disclaimed. This form can be signed before or after repair (Which comes first) and still be in good standing.

This comprehensive document outlines the terms and conditions governing our services, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding between WinWithDom INC. and our valued customers. Should you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your trust in WinWithDom INC. and look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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