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Stand-Alone Tuning Service

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At DomTuned, we offer top-quality E-Tuning services for both single fuel and multiple fuel vehicles. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and software to remotely tune your engine for optimal performance and efficiency. Our E-Tuning services start at $350 and require a minimum of 2 hours. During the tuning process, we will communicate with you to gather data and make adjustments to the engine's fuel and ignition systems. A sign-in sheet is also required to ensure accurate documentation of the vehicle's condition before and after the E-Tuning process. For single fuel vehicles, we specialize in optimizing the performance of gasoline and diesel engines. For multiple fuel vehicles, we have expertise in tuning engines that can run on a range of fuel types, such as gasoline, ethanol, and methanol. Our E-Tuning process involves analyzing data from your vehicle's onboard sensors and making precise adjustments to the engine's fuel and ignition systems to improve power, torque, and efficiency. This may include optimizing the air-fuel ratio, adjusting ignition timing, and making other critical engine adjustments to achieve the best possible results. At DomTuned, we are committed to providing exceptional E-Tuning services to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. With our E-Tuning services, you can expect improved performance, better fuel efficiency, and an overall smoother driving experience. Contact us today to schedule your E-Tuning appointment..